Dr. Merrell-Keijzer graduated in medicine from the University of Leiden in 1980, after which she continued to study and practice traditional Chinese medicine in China, Hong Kong and South-East Asia for ten years.

Looking for a successful treatment of obesity, smoking addiction or migraine?

Amidst the beautiful woods of Lage Vuursche, you are welcome in our new ‘resort’. The Clinic for Traditional Eastern Medicine and Acupuncture (TOGA) has since 2012 been located on the Hilversumsestraatweg 7, 3744 KB in Baarn, between Baarn and Hilversum. Calm, relaxation, luxurious treatment rooms and beautiful scenery are a few characteristics of our clinic.


Almost a third of the world's population is overweight. The Netherlands is one of those nations that struggle to shed those extra pounds, despite the fact that maintaining a healthy weight can minimise numerous health risks – including common diseases such as diabetes. A healthy diet, more exercise and sufficient sleep is important for us, but we often fail to acknowledge that. Doctor Merrell-Keijzer offers some valuable support in this process.

Quitting smoking

For years now, acupuncture has been known to help smokers overcome their addiction. Acupuncture of the ear is especially well known for this treatment. Treating nicotine cravings and other withdrawal syndromes can also be significantly suppressed by general acupuncture as well.

Stress and burnout

Long-term exposure to stress at work or in private circumstances can lead to severe exhaustion. Physical, emotional and mental symptoms are known to occur.
The experience of being completely 'burnt out' can be confronting. Even more so because those affected are often known as being extremely energetic. A burnout means there's not a shred of energy left. Even just climbing the stairs can be a challenge.


In addition to having a predisposition for migraine attacks, these can be triggered by important factors such as stress, diet and fatigue.
Because the coordination between nerve fibres and blood vessels in the brain are disrupted during an attack, the typical throbbing headache is often accompanied by nausea and vomiting.
Acupuncture is known to have good results in the treatment of migraine.