Almost a third of the world's population is overweight. The Netherlands is one of those nations that struggle to shed those extra pounds, despite the fact that maintaining a healthy weight can minimise numerous health risks – including common diseases such as diabetes. A healthy diet, more exercise and sufficient sleep is important for us, but we often fail to acknowledge that. Doctor Merrell-Keijzer offers some valuable support in this process.

 Methods of treatment

Doctor Merrell-Keijzer: 'People find it especially difficult to shed excess weight'. It's no simple task to drastically alter decade-long eating habits into a pattern that will stimulate weight loss. Luckily there are methods to make this difficult task that little bit easier.

TOGA offers the Bio HCG treatment. The 24-day treatment results in a weight loss of 2 to 4 pounds per day. The entire treatment generally results in a total weight loss of approximately 14 pounds, and that from the places that count.

Certain Chinese herbs and customised, patient-specific herb blends can also be extremely effective in stimulating weight loss. They have a detoxing effect on the body and help regulate the metabolism. A number of supportive acupuncture treatments boost the effect of the herbal treatment.